Following the Ancient Carian Paths


Greetings of merhaba! (hello!) fill the air as you walk the countryside outside Bodrum. Splash in the Aegean Sea, then relax over a spread of Turkish specialties. Walk along inlets marking the shore of the neighboring Bodrum Peninsula. Veer away from the beach to enter a forest cloaking the hilly coastal range. Investigate the well-preserved CASTLE and remains of Carian settlement in Pedasa or Kirel. An easygoing walk past olive groves and vineyards takes you through forested hills down to the Aegean. Dip your toes in the sea or continue on two wheels, climbing to traditional hamlets. There will be beautiful panoramic views, goat paths, forrests, local life, untouched nature and many more. Our route can vary depending on your requests from 6 to 14 km. with ascending heights of 300 to 600 meters. After the walks there are possibilities of olive oil, wine tasting and watching the ladies weave carpets.

In 2012, Ebru & Fatih couple built the Eco Farm Boutique Hotel from scratch. Eco Farm Boutique Hotel, which is located on Turgutreis Pren Mountain is built with the least harm to the environment and carries the traces of a deep philosophy on its basis. We can call this deep philosophy a return to our essence.
The holiday at Eco Farm Boutique Hotel is actually second to none. Because today's holiday concepts (drinking plenty of food, having fun in noisy environments, spend time in artificial environments which are disconnected from nature, being alone betwwen thousands of people...) are just fort he show and no longer an economic stance and out of the purpose. That's what Eco Farm Boutique Hotel believes that this understanding should change. Humans are a part of nature and nature is not a part of humans. For a resting and quiet holiday we need to go back tour essence and avoid the gaudy . Here Eco Farm Boutique Hotel offers you the opportunity to calm down by touching these delicate subjects sweetly. Eco Farm Boutique Hotel also contributes to nature in its own way. One of the biggest reasons for environmental pollution is the need for energy in the world. In Eco Farm Boutique Hotel, unnecessary electronic gaudy (air conditioning tv automation ...) was deliberately avoided. As part of our philosophy, we produce our own energy needs from the sun through solar panels within the scope of respect for nature. We contribute by ourselves for a clean future. The Eco Farm Boutique Hotel, which is home to plenty of street animals, is trying to connect the gap created by modern animal life with a bridge. Some people see alien creatures as other creatures in nature. This is an indication of how far we are from our essence. There is so much to write! In short, being human is not that easy. The more you get away from us, the harder it gets. When you are on holiday, Eco Farm Boutique Hotel will make you feel that the luxury and glamour that modern life imposes on you is actually unnecessary. All the items you use other than our basic needs are not an extra burden for you, and you will understand that you are not doing anything else but making your life difficult. Come live and feel! Eco Farm Boutique Hotel is 3 km from Kadıkalesi Beach, 4 km from Camel Beach, 5 km from Hüseyin Burnu Lighthouse, 4 km from Bağla Bay, 14 km from Bodrum Teachers' House, 10 km from Sandima Village, Bodrum Karaada It is 16 km away from Orak Island, 17 km away from Bodrum Cennet Bay, 35 km away from Tuzla Bird Sanctuary and 34 km away from Zeytinlikuyu Beach.


Konacik + Pedesa + Bodrum The walking path that begins in the north of Bodrum heading to Pedesa and Gökçeler Castle has different alternatives for the return. Depending on the walkers there are 2 starting points. One from Konacik and the other one is Pedesa. This Route has a 360 degrees panorama of the peninsula.
Level of difficulty: GB 2 Total climb:390m Total descent : 485m Total: 8,2 km. 
Features: The path, which starts with a pleasant slope and has a view of Bodrum, goes through a valley and continues to Gökçeler. At the intersection of the valleys facing the north and south west there is a historic castle and buildings around it that were built by the Leleg..

Bodrum Panorama Walk This route starts from entrance of Bodrum . Then along beautiful panoramic paths to Yaliciftlik. Level of difficulty: GB 2 Total climb: 350m Total descent: 400m Total: 8 km Features: The path leads through natural beauties with views of Bodrum City, And then passing ancient ruins with ending at Yaliciftlik beach. After the beach stop we will visit Bodrum Wineyard to taste some nice own brand Wines.

Kirel + Sibda + Black Mountain This route starts from Dagbelen . Then through ancient paths to Karadag mountain with its ancinet fortress walls. Then to the abandoned village of Kirel.
Level of difficulty: GB 3 Total climb: 335m Total descent: 505m Total: 12 km Features: The path leads through natural beauties to the village of Sandima, which allows you to see what life on the peninsula was like in the past as it is abandoned and untouched by progress. There are panoramic views from the top of mountain almost 360 degrees. It is worth seeing the Ancient site of Kirel.

Yenikoy + Etrim Forest Road The walk begins at Yenikoy - Mazi road and, goes through forest pads. The Walk has a total ascent of 211.08 m and has a maximum elevation of 511.58 m. Level of difficulty: GB 3 Walk duration: 15.5 km. You will see the big valley from above and pass some untouched villages with ending at Etrim where we will visit the village and watch the villagers weaving carpets. And of eat some delicious organic snacks.

Yaliciftlik - Kargicik The walk begins at Yaliciftlik road and, goes through forest pads to the top of mountain near Sea Garden resort. Then continues along the ancient lelegian paths to Kargicik beach where we can swim And then we follow the path along the beach back to Yalicftlik. The Walk has a total ascent of 300.4 m and has a maximum elevation of 302.48 m. After the walk there will a short visit to the Olive oil factory. Level of difficulty: GB 3 Walk duration: 9 km.



Our guided walks start after breakfast. If possible there will be stops at restaurants or cafe. If not a lunch bag will be advised.

You will be picked up from your ship or hotel and return back to your starting point.

Our walks can vary between 7 to 14 kilometers depending on your condition.






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